We use only the highest quality certified sensors to provide very accurate data for Temperature,

Humidity and CO2.  This data is then converted into the graphs you see here and emailed to you weekly.  This provides your company with a continuous log for each room and proof of environmental conditions.  Our customers

use these graphs to fine tune conditions

and SOP's.  Data provides accountability.       

TechnaGrow offers less expensive systems that ONLY sense and log but don't control anything. Sensors provide precise values for Temperature, Humidity, CO2, pH/ORP, lights on/off, PAR, door open/closed, weight, air flow, fluid flow or anything else you need. 


Although an automation system can provide a reduction in labor hours, more importantly it can create a consistent environment for a cannabis crop which can produce gains in quality and yield.  The emergency text alerts from TechnaGrow have the potential to provide a 100% R.O.I. with the first incident. What is the cost to you if any of the following occur without your knowledge:  irrigation fails, lights aren't turned on or off; room floods, high temp?  Protect your profit with email/text alerts! 

TechnaGrow automation systems can communicate and control almost anything.  This allows us to choose from thousands of products when designing systems.  The result is a better overall system by using the best product for each situation.   

Sense & Control


Don't just talk about getting more sleep, actually do it!  You will be amazed at how well you sleep at night knowing that if anything  goes wrong in the garden, you will immediately be alerted with an email and text message no matter where you are in the world!  Low/high temperature, low/high humidity, lights on/off, flood sensors or even occupancy are just some of the alerts that you can set. 



Where is TechnaGrow?


TechnaGrow was created in 2014 but we have actually been doing large, high-end automation projects since 1999.  Our owner is an aerospace engineer who has a deep passion for producing the best control systems available.  We are uniquely qualified to thrive in this industry because for 17 years we have developed automation systems for all kinds of projects such as emergency operation centers, control rooms, boardrooms, high-end NYC hotels, luxury resorts, mansions and even royalty.  

TechnaGrow designs, installs and programs incredibly complex systems that sense and control every aspect of your facility.  A fully integrated system is the ultimate in what a control system is intended to do.  Making all sub-systems work in conjunction with custom logic provides the best conditions to increase yield, consistency and quality.    

​​​​​TechnaGrow provides solutions for sensing, controlling and automating legal cannabis gardens.  Use smartphones, tablets or computers to view, control or change automated settings.

The future is now and TechnaGrow gives you peace of mind knowing that

whatever happens you are always prepared with a system from TechnaGrow.

It's all about education.

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a TechnaGrow

system can do 

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At TechnaGrow we pride ourselves on not only providing our customers with custom functionality but doing it FAST! Most often delays aren't an option so we provide quick turn-around for your custom needs. 

We have offices in Denver and Philadelphia so we can support large projects in Colorado or in the northeastern United States.  Larger, more complex systems that control lights, CO2, HVAC, irrigation and other vital systems require that we have an office within reach for a fast reaction time if any vital systems need attention.  Since we also offer less complex systems that are sensing only, we are able to offer these systems in any state with legal cannabis.  TechnaGrow professionally designs, installs and programs every system we sell.

Who is TechnaGrow?

What's the point in logging data if the data isn't correct?

You can expand each facility with an essentially unlimited number of sensing and control parameters.  Easily connect with all of your facilities using your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.

How do you sleep at night?

TechnaGrow can literally program anything you can think up.  Our customers love to challenge us with new and interesting ways of completing tasks, and we always deliver!  The only limits to what we do are imagination and budget.


We have been educating our customers on the advantages of automation for a decade and a half.  We understand how important it is to provide a quick and easy way to learn more about how sensing, control and automation can help your business.  Please watch some of our 1 minute videos and download any of our documents that are intended to help you make informed decisions.