​With our sensing technology and email/text alerts, a broken air conditioner is caught early and disaster can be avoided.  It only takes one time for your TechnaGrow system to alert you of a problem and it can be a 100% return on investment with one text alert.    

Even our least expensive system allows you to be in constant contact with your garden from anywhere in the world which provides you peace of mind and allows you to actually relax (a little) when you aren't in the garden. 

​Why Automate?

Using custom electronics to help you grow cannabis is not just a luxury for techy growers with money to burn, it's quickly becoming a necessity.  In an industry with ever-dropping wholesale prices, quality and yield need to be maximized while costs must be minimized.  Eventually every cultivation facility will have a certain amount of sensing and control.  What are some of the things you can sense and control with a TechnaGrow system?  

Whether you grow in a warehouse or a greenhouse, environmental conditions determine the fate of your crop.  With a TechnaGrow system you always have live data on your phone app.  You also receive weekly graphs of Temperature, Humidity, CO2 and Vapor Pressure Deficit which allows you to keep a historical log of environmental conditions which is useful to growers, managers, investors and even compliance.​​

Sensing:  Using electronics to provide data on any parameter that can be sensed, such as temperature or CO2.  

Control:  Using electronics to allow the user to change parameters such as thermostat set-point from your app. 

Automation:  Using custom programming to allow the user to set automated control of parameters at specified times.  An example would be using the app to change the thermostat set-point to automatically go to down 63 degrees every day, 30 minutes before the lights come on.

Integration:  Utilizing sensing, control and automation programming to connect multiple sub-systems together and use data from these sub-systems to automatically control other sub-systems.  An example would be using an outside temperature/humidity sensor to predict the future effect on the indoor temperature/humidity and automatically set the thermostat set-points and dehumidifiers inside the grow rooms to maintain ideal environmental conditions no matter what conditions exist outside.  An integrated system provides the grower with the best chance of maintaining ideal conditions, which in turn provides higher yield, better quality and lower costs.